Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Have you ever travelled to the sunny state of Florida and taken a trip to Miami? Is it on your bucket list or are you dying to return?

The majority of people who are reading this will answer yes to that question. Miami not only has gorgeous beaches, a vibrant nightlife and famous mansions, it is also the home to the art deco district located on Miami Beach. This architectural tourist attraction is inspired by the art deco movement that made its debut in Paris in 1925.


Art deco style is marked by features such as bright colours, plant and animal concepts and geometric designs that all create a retro inspired illustration. This 1920s movement is making its way back into our modern world, whether that’s on buildings or in our homes. Here are a few of our art deco interior design ideas.

Be Brave With Animal and Floral Prints

Adding animal and floral prints into interior can give rooms personality and dimension that it may have been lacking. One characteristic of art deco is the flora and fauna aspect, which refers to plants and animals. If you aren’t comfortable with using bold prints, keep it simple and start by incorporating a single piece into a room, such as a painting or an individual wallpaper. This can help to ensure the prints don’t come across as tacky and overwhelming.

Bold and Bright Colours

In art deco, it is common for buildings to be painted with bold and bright colours such as reds, yellows, greens, blues and pinks. But not only can you use these colours on the exterior but you are able to achieve a similar architectural design by integrating them into your interior. Colours like these work honorably with black and high-shine metallic finishes. You may not be a fan of colours this adventurous and daring and consequently you can still maintain an art deco look using beiges and creams on furniture such as sideboards for a more subtle design.


Perhaps the most identifiable characteristic of art deco architecture is the geometrical patterns, shapes and designs that you can incorporate into your furniture, lighting and mirrors. Choose a mantelpiece for your room such as a coffee table or drinks trolley that embodies geometrical shapes and patterns. This will make your interior feel unique and stylish whilst portraying an art deco feel.


Art deco lighting is inspired by antiques and features of chrome, glass and metallic shine with contrasting bold colours. It is up to you whether you choose a simple individual hero piece in a room such as a floor lamp which will boost charisma or an antique ceiling light to brighten up the space.

With films like The Great Gatsby, The King’s Speech and Midnight in Paris being so successful at the box office, we are more open to and further interested than ever before with the concept and design of Art deco.

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