Umi Collection

New for 2024. We’ve teamed up with Livingetc to create a range of furniture that’s effortlessly stylish and has timeless appeal. Introducing our understated luxury range, Umi…

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An Exclusive Design Collaboration 



The Umi Collection 

Atkin and Thyme was founded in 2014, and to mark our ten year anniversary we’ve partnered with the style makers at Livingetc Magazine to create an exclusive collection of furniture.

Our Umi range features textured solid oak, and warm honeyed oak finishes together with a sweeping U-shaped design that runs through the product range.

Pieces in the range have been thoughtfully designed and have a quiet luxury to them, with details like pleasing chamfered table edges, subtle brass handles, and quietly confident angled legs.

The warmth of the materials used gives each item in the range a tactility and vibrancy, and the attention to detail is clear to see in the elegant understatement of the design language.

Umi SideboardUmi Sideboard

Discover the Umi Collection

Umi SideboardUmi Sideboard

Umi Sideboard


Umi Bedside TableUmi Bedside Table

Umi Bedside Table


Umi Extendable Dining TableUmi Extendable Dining Table

Umi Solid Oak Extendable Dining Table


Umi Dining BenchUmi Dining Bench

Umi Dining Bench


Umi Coffee TableUmi Coffee Table

Umi Coffee Table 


Umi Side TableUmi Side Table

Umi Side Table


The Design 

Kris ManaloKris Manalo
Kris Manalo

Kris Manalo, Head of Product Design at Atkin and Thyme

“Atkin and Thyme is all about creating pieces that are with our customers for life, moving from room to room and home to home through all of life’s changes.  We have approached this collaboration with Livingetc with this ethos front of mind, with the aim of creating a really well built range of timeless furniture that will withstand the passing of time.

The ‘U’ shape motif creates a point of interest without being overbearing, with an element of visual interest that also balances and softens the aesthetic.  The design touches have been thoughtfully applied and stripped back to subtleties like the gently chamfered solid oak tops on the dining, coffee, and side tables and bench. 

Umi has a real warmth that makes it perfect for our customers to blend with existing décor, vintage finds, or family heirlooms for a timeless look.

(umi) meaning "sea, ocean"

Pronunciation: /u.ˈmi/

Umi Concept Design Umi Concept Design

Pip Rich, Global Editor in Chief at Livingetc

"Atkin and Thyme has long been where I've turned to for well crafted, beautifully designed and long lasting furniture, so I was very excited to get to collaborate with the brand on the Livingetc Umi collection. We wanted to create a range that felt contemporary and timeless, totally right for a modern space but would happily last you for a couple of decades at least.

Think of them as "quiet heroes" - beautiful pieces with enough of a design sensibility in their gentle curves and subtle waves that they make any space they're in feel curated and considered. But in their soothing oak finish they're also gentle enough that they blend peacefully into your scheme, enhancing what you already have. Not overpowering, just adding a soft sense of harmony".

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Pip RichPip Rich
Pip Rich

Umi Feature LivingetcUmi Feature Livingetc