Styling tips for your holiday treasures

09/08/2016 12:58

1. Give small items big impact


If your collection of holiday mementos consists of lots of smaller items, displaying them together in one unit is a great way to keep them looking neat, yet giving them impact. Our beautiful mangowood Pigeonhole Mirror Shelf (£298) is just the thing! You could use the pigeonholes to guide your display, so group items of the same colour in each section, so you have a rainbow effect moving around the mirror. Or, if you're a real globetrotter, why not use each pigeonhole to house items from a different country.


2. Simplify your collection



To make a real design statement, try simplifying your collection by keeping to a limited colour palette or one theme throughout and, sorry to say it, discarding the tat! So you may choose to display just shells in different types, shapes and shades, or all globes of different styles, colours and sizes. Alternatively, you may choose to collect just blue pottery from your travels and display it against a light backdrop, or just large white pieces of pink and coral, which would look fantastic displayed on shelving against a dark coloured wall. 

 3. Big is beautiful


Our bleached mangowood Chevron Shelving Unit (£449) is a beautiful backdrop for your holiday treasures and the generous size of the unit means that it would easily house larger items. It's easy to pick up smaller trinkets on your travels - not least when your luggage allowance limits what you can buy. Yet splashing out on fewer larger items, which you can carry in your hand luggage, is often worth it, as they look far more dramatic and self-assured as a collection than lots of little items.

4. Group items in odd numbers

The key to holiday souvenir shopping is to go with your gut; if you see a piece you really love, go for it. Or pick up multiples of one item - so several Moroccan lanterns, a group of craved Mouri heads, or a bunch of giant Caribbean conch shells - which will make a really assured statement in your home. And always keep to odd numbers; any interior designer will tell you that a group of three or five items are more visually pleasing than two or four, for example.

5. Master the art of tablescaping



As the name suggests, think of tablescaping as indoor landscaping: so think size, scale and height when creating your arrangement. Our Milligan Retro Sideboard (£379) is the perfect place to start and it's essential to take into account the size of the surface when editing your collection. Then you need to create a foreground, middle ground and background to give your arrangement depth. This can be done by adding height with a tall vase or piece of art, or by placing objects on top of stacked books. Mixing the sizes of your objects also creates interest and variety. 

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