Spring updates for the home under £200

19/03/2017 08:40

Mirrors and Lighting

Left to right: Black Hexagon Mirror (£99), Alhambra Contemporary Ceiling Pendant in Gloss Black (£99)

Something as simple as a new mirror or light makes a strong style statement to any room. Ingenious yet cost-effective, these basic updates give a tired space a fresh new look. The Black Hexagon Mirror (£99), boasting a compliment to geometric design and jet black finishes creates a great focal point. Angular lines are visually appealing in design, making them the perfect addition to narrow spaces such as a hallway or a landing – an instant feature to welcome guests. Lighting is a basic update that can be made in any home. The Alhambra Contemporary Ceiling Pendant in Gloss Black (£99) not only showcases the on-going trend of monochrome but is dedicated to providing mood lighting – ideal for a modest update in the kitchen or dining room. 

Side Tables

Top left: Oakville Bedside Cabinet (£199), Top right: Trent White Marble and Brass Inlay Side Table, £189 Bottom left: Wishbone Glass Top Nesting Side Tables (£199), Stellar White Marble Side Table (£159)

A side table is a great investment piece – but it doesn’t have to break the bank! Versatile in their design and function, a new side table can make a difference to a bedroom, living room or hallway; providing both utility and style. The Oakville Bedside Cabinet (£199) brings a modern touch to retro furniture, whilst the Trent White Marble and Brass Inlay Side Table (£189) edged in brass will add a touch of luxe to the home. For extra serving space, look no further than the Wishbone Glass Top Nesting Side Tables (£199) or the Stellar White Marble Side Table (£159) – fusing practicality and elegance.


Left to right: Baker’s Hanging Shelf (£79), Kiku Bedside Table (£189)

Like money, storage is something you can never have too much of! Whilst necessary for keeping the home organised and tidy – style doesn’t have to be compromised at the expense of efficiency. The Baker’s Hanging Shelf (£79) with its industrial design is ideally made to suit an on-trend home décor, from the contemporary to the more traditional interiors – it’s the perfect example of slow living. The Kiku Bedside Table (£189) with its unique detailing is perfect for storing those bedtime essentials and is the ideal companion to the bed.





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