How to Throw the Perfect 'Handmade' Halloween Party

28/10/2015 11:58

DIY Décor

These handmade decorations are guaranteed to spook guests but are affordable, quick and easy to make!

Creepy characters such as bats, pumpkins, witches and spiders are all ideal for Halloween get-togethers and can be crafted from a number of materials you are likely to already have around the home. Paper chains in the shape of pumpkins and ghosts can be made quickly and easily using just coloured orange paper and a pair of scissors. Other spooky shades such as green or black, and scary shapes; including spiders and witches, can also be substituted!     

A ping pong ball can also be used to craft decorative ghosts and ghouls. Fabric or tissue paper tied around the sphere will create a head and the remainder can be gathered together to form a cape or body. Skeletons; another shape which ‘screams’ Halloween, can be crafted simply using plain paper (note: If you’ve stolen this from the printer paper pile, be sure to replace before a family member presses ‘print’…)  and if you’re a bit of a dab hand with a needle, fabric or felt can also be used to craft fearful friends.

Fans of bright colours and bold prints can also look to the Day of the Dead for Halloween decoration inspiration. Celebrated in Mexico from October 31st to 2nd November, this is also a positive celebration so perfect for even the most easily spooked! To get Day of the Dead style easily and affordably, simply fill the outline of a skull with strong and stylised shapes such as spirals, curves and flowers and colour with bold and beautiful shades such as red, hot pink, bright blue and pumpkin orange.    

Spooky Snacks

These eerie eats will tempt trick-or-treaters young and old and can be made using the flesh leftover after carving the pumpkin!

Sweet eats are essential for Halloween and likely to be on the wish list of any creepy caller on the 31st. Pumpkin can be added to the mix of cookies, cupcakes and of course pumpkin pie – all certain to satisfy scary visitors!

Pumpkin is also perfect for savoury party snacks. When combined with peanut butter, hummus or salad, the vegetable is a great filling for sandwiches and slicing these in to scary shapes will boost their fear factor even further! Post-carve pumpkin flesh can also be blended with yoghurt, chickpeas or herbs to make a tasty savoury dip. Grab crudités (again, preferably cut to creepy configurations!) and bread sticks and serve!

Pumpkin also works well in salads and can be tossed with spinach and pine nuts for a healthy treat! It also pairs surprisingly well with orange, and if you’re skilled enough to scoop out the orange’s flesh whilst keeping the peel intact, you can carve a face in the peel to create the look of a mini pumpkin and use this to display the dish!

P.S. Each of these scary snacks will look even more tempting displayed on our Riley Drinks Trolley!  

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