New Season Geometrics

22/08/2017 08:40

Our brand new Toshi collection features a bold geometric print cemented in concrete and contrasted with mango wood and brass inlay for a dramatic finish. Available in various pieces, the look can be translated across more than one room of the house, for a cohesive statement to the trend across the home. Finished in a soft blue, the geometric lines break up a block of colour, evoking a calming and bright atmosphere, for a stress-free home.


Toshi Bar Cabinet, £549

Combine our love for geometrics with a striking parquetry finish and the completed look is one you won’t be able to take your eyes off. The Milan collection has embossed detailing finished in a warm mango wood for a sophisticated and subtle nod to the look that will not overpower any existing designs. Finished in a lighter tone, the collection will create an airy and bright atmosphere for a fluent and inviting home that emits a warmer feeling.


 Milan Dressing Table Console, £299

Not all geometric prints are an obvious feature. Some designs dedicate a subtle nod to the trend, with incorporated geometric design. Repeated patterns that work within the design of the furniture add a stylish focal point to the room and work best as part of a set. From larger impact pieces such as a coffee table or sideboard, to smaller subtle pieces like a mirror or nest of tables, the design transmits natural beauty to the home and wouldn’t look amiss in any room environment.



Stellar White Marble Coffee Table, £399

Regardless of budget or space, embrace this beautiful trend and introduce some geometric pattern into the home!

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