French Fancy - Adding Parisian Style to Your Home

21/10/2015 11:58

Moderne Monochrome

‘Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.’ – Coco Chanel

Parisian apartments are notoriously dark (unless you’re lucky enough to live in the penthouse) so, walls are traditionally kept white. To offset the stark white bring together wall art with black frames, gilded mirrors and furniture in rich darker tones to create a chic homely look.

The handcrafted Provence Top Sideboard is the perfect statement piece. With a black granite top and antiqued metal, embossed with a floral design it exudes classic French style. If you’re looking for a smaller addition or are updating your bedroom to create a modern-eclectic Parisian haven, the Provence Bedside Drawers will nestle nicely into a smaller space.

For your final coup-de-grâce take some fresh cut flowers and artistically place them in a glass vase, voila! 

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