The Atkin and Thyme Story

05/11/2014 14:46

The Atkin and Thyme Story ‘All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.’ Martin Buber

This quote often springs to mind when we think about the story behind Atkin and Thyme. We never quite imagined that our passion for travel and trips to destinations such as India, Scandinavia and Morocco would one day inspire a range of furniture and home accessories, but the unique designs in the collection would not have been possible without the inspiration gained on these visits.

This passion for travel, coupled with a love for unique and distinctive design and a belief in the importance of using high quality and original materials, is what sparked the inspiration for the Atkin and Thyme range.

During our travels, we were also lucky enough to witness skilled artisans at work and were inspired by the passion and care which they put into each handcrafted piece. It became clear that the quality and originality of these pieces was what was missing from so many of the items available on the high street.

It is for this reason that each piece in the Atkin and Thyme range is handmade using traditional methods. As the designs are handcrafted, it also means that each piece is entirely original - something we know is important when you are designing a room as unique as you.

Our collection includes pieces in a range of styles and whether your interior is traditional, contemporary or a mix of the two, we are certain you will find a piece to suit your own original style. Whether rustic or retro, Scandinavian in style or inspired by India, what remains constant across the Atkin and Thyme collection is unique designs made from original and high quality materials. We wanted to share just a selection of the pieces inspired by our travels and values with you below.


Thank you for reading about the inspiration behind our Atkin and Thyme. We hope you enjoy exploring our unique and distinctive collection and find the perfect piece for you.   

Victoria & Nick

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