Romance abounds: How to welcome Saint Valentine into your home

04/02/2016 11:58

So when did it all begin? Well, the legend of St Valentine remains shrouded in mystery, although one theory is that he was a Roman priest who arranged marriages in secret during the 3rd century AD, during which time they were banned. Emporer Claudius II imposed the ban in the misguided belief that married men made bad soldiers, so when St Valentine’s activities were uncovered he was jailed and sentenced to death. It’s said that he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and sent her a letter signed ‘from your Valentine’ on 14th February – the day of his execution.

Whatever the truth behind the legend, here at Atkin & Thyme we love a spot of romance, so we’ve handpicked our favourite romantically styled pieces to create your very own love story at home this Valentine’s.  

#1 Date night ready – Take your time getting groomed and glam ready for your special date at our beautiful handcrafted Isabelle Mother of Pearl Triple Mirror (£198).

#2 Fancy fiction – Your Valentine’s card didn’t arrive? Instead, snuggle up with a good romance novel in our Rio Occasional Chair (£395) clad in passionate pink velvet.

#3 Cosy night in – Create that cosy corner, perfect for watching romcoms all night, with sultry lighting. So turn down the lights and flick on our Genie Hand-blown Tablelamp in Mercury Silver (£99).

#4 A glamorous toast – Our timeless Amber Art Deco Sideboard (£449) is both beautiful and functional; where better to keep the bubbles for that romantic champagne toast?

#5 Say it with words – Our bestselling Milligan Retro Multi Drawer Desk (£398) makes for the perfect spot to pen a tender love letter to your sweetheart. 

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