Looks We Love: 4 of the best living rooms

15/03/2016 11:58

Mid-century modern


With its bold colours, retro shapes and a sense of flow and space, the mid-century modern style is very much basking in the limelight right now. No doubt its popularity has been boosted by the likes of TV shows such as Mad Men - who wouldn't want to kick back in Don Draper's chic Manhattan apartment, whisky in hand? As the name suggests, the style spanned a period in the middle of the 20th century from around the 1940s-70s; a post-war time when people were crying out for a fresh, contemporary, even whimsical look. We love this easy living style, typified by mustard and pale blue, punchy monochrome and dark wood.



(l to r) Calvin Armchair, £339; Milligan Retro Coffee Table, £389; Image: JJ Locations




The stripped-back Industrial style has always resonated with us; we adore seeing materials in their raw form. Yes, it may be stark and utilitarian, but the beauty of natural wood grain, tarnished metal, weathered glass, bare concrete and worn leather more than makes up for its lack of finesse. This style is unpretentious and functional with strong proportions and bold lines. It has edge, yet remains extremely chic. The Industrial style places an emphasis on salvaging and repurposing existing materials and, likewise, we opt to use reclaimed materials in many of our pieces. There's no place for a high-gloss polish here but, in our eyes, it still oozes sophistication.



(l to r) Winchester Chest of Drawers, £449; Ship's Pendant Light, £79; Image: Content




A simple, calming, monochrome colour palette has long been the trademark of the, oh so popular Scandi design movement. While the colours of choice now extend to greys, greens, pastels and, of course, the ever-popular rose quartz - Pantone's colour of the year - the overriding feel of Scandi design is still as cool, calm and crisp as ever, and we love it. This paired-back style is the perfect antidote to our ever-more hectic and fast-paced lifestyles. It's minimalism, but with a warm and cosy edge, introduced by natural materials such as light wood grain and sheepskin. 



(l to r) Chevon Dining Table, £599; Alhambra Ceiling Pendant, £99; Image: Alvhem Makleri



Art Deco


Close your eyes and try to imagine the polar opposite of Industrial style. We're talking layers of varnish and lacquer, high-gloss stone and metal, luxurious deep-pile fabrics and gleaming glass polished to within an inch of its life. Art Deco's origins are firmly rooted in Paris in the 1920s and 30s, when travel was becoming popular and the glamour of early Hollywood was filtering into the mainstream. This style is typified by rich colours, high shine metallics and a meticulous attention to detail; it's indulgence at its finest. Now, where's that drinks trolley, I think it's time for a Martini!



(l to r) Stirling Drinks Trolley, £298; Tallulah Two-seater Sofa, £599; Image: Rugo


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