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01/04/2016 11:58

Mid-century modern

A bridge between the old and the new, mid-century design is all about distinctive design, strong shapes and bold colours. The current obsession with mid-century modern is more than just a return to minimalist necessity. The style is nostalgic; it reconnects people with their roots and strengthens their sense of personal identity. Intersperse your home with our statement pieces, such as the mustard Calvin Armchair, £339 which pops with charm, the Octagonal Wall Mirror, £249 with its light diffusing design, or the Watson Telephone Table Seat, £549 the ultimate in practical style.

(L-R) Calvin Armchair in Mustard, £339; Octagonal Wall Mirror, £249; Watson Telephone Table Seat, £549


Exposed brickwork, bare fixtures, raw unfinished details and sleek shiny surfaces are all signatures of industrial style, though these elements alone don’t offer the warm charm homeowners desire. The difference between an appealing industrial space and one that simply feels cold and stark often lies in the accessories. The Contemporary Ceiling Pendant Light in Chrome, £99 will soften a room and make it more visually interesting with its light reflecting, metallic surface. Crank up your décor’s style a notch with the Industrial Crank Side table, £249 it’s disarmingly charming with rustic authenticity and functional to boot! The combination of light mango wood and nickel plated iron, which comprises our Elliptical Table, £99, makes for a striking statement, perfect for accentuating a sparsely decorated space.


(L-R) Contemporary Ceiling Pendant Light in Chrome, £99; Industrial Crank Side Table, £249; Elliptical Mango Wood & Iron Side Table, £99


The Scandi look is all about understated but clever design that performs both functionally and aesthetically. The rules are simple, opt for subdued hues and natural materials and accessorise with tactile finishes and even mix in subtle accent colours if you’re feeling more daring. Bleached wood pared with white is a super calming and heavenly match; get the look with our Chevron Dining table, £599 or Chevron Shelving Unit, £449. Though don’t just stick to white, hints of grey are super chic and very modern. It strikes that happy balance between black’s severity and white’s coolness. Go for big pieces such as seating like the Pimlico Button Back Velvet Armchair, £429.




 (L-R) Chevron Dining table, £599; Pimlico Button Back Velvet Armchair, £429; Chevron Shelving Unit, £449.

 Art Deco

Art Deco styling is all about the details and is the glamourous go-to. To really embrace the Deco spirit, you need the Amber Sideboard, £449 covered with brass sheeting and an eye-catching geometric pattern etched on top. The look is all about inviting luxe that you can’t stop staring at, so our new Tallulah Sofa, £599, covered in sumptuous blue velvet is a must have. Finish the look with the statement Chiswick Console table, £299. The intricate handcrafted design is the perfect mix of curvatures and lines. 


(L-R) Amber Art Deco Sideboard, £449; Tallulah 2 Seater Sofa in Blue Velvet and Linen, £599; Chiswick Console Table, £299


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