10 Quick Steps to Refresh Your Home

With spring well and truly sprung; its fresh new look unfurling into the lengthening and lighter days, now is the perfect time to refresh your home and feather your own nest.

We’ve put together our favourite ways of putting a little spring back into your step and your home.

Lighten Up

Bringing paler, natural colours into the home instantly brings a lighter look, along with light-framed structures and glass can help augment the feeling of airiness to any interior.


The Lily Coffee Table with its natural marble stone top and beautifully curved legs in a pale mango wood fits well without filling up a living space and teams well with the Toshi Shelving Unit. With both pieces made from the same pale mango wood, the shelving unit’s open design will not block the available light and works well as a great space divider if you’re aiming for a broken-plan layout.


Maximise light at the highest level with glass light fittings such as our Atticus Dome Table Lamp, which allows daylight to shine through yet beams bright at night.


Breath of Fresh Air

After the long winter months of central heating or log fires, nothing makes the home feel refreshed than ventilating your home. Good ventilation will greatly reduce the risk of a number of health issues like asthma, allergies and headaches and bring a great sense of well-being into your home.


If indoor allergens are the source of a problem then consider investing in an air purifier and place them in the most commonly used rooms of the house.  These devices will capture any irritants whilst providing a calming visual that the whole household can benefit from.

Pop of Colour

A pop of unexpected colour is a great way to refresh your home.  The Calvin Armchair in pink velvet and linen adds a lightness and interest to neutral colour schemes. Whilst our Archie Armchair in yellow velvet is literally like a ray of sunshine in your room, instantly lighting up a dark corner.

A Touch of Greenery

Never underestimate the power of house plants to create a space that is filled with life and colour! Grouping indoor plants together can create a beautiful focal point in the room; showcasing a stunning and rich array of greens that can be drawn upon to inform the colours of your decorative accessories around the room.

Bedroom Beautification

As one of the rooms you spend a large portion of time in, it is important for this to be a relaxing refuge for you to unwind and get some rest. Bringing light colours to the room will help this to be a refreshing space. The Atika White Carved Headboard is an easy way to instantly uplift your room, and bring an air of luxury. Pair it with the brand new, eye-catching Barcelona Bedside Table for a stylish contemporary look. Featuring a delicate brass inlay, this is a great display of mixed materials. Check out our last blog for more information on this style.


Tidy Up

With pets, kids and humans in general living under the same roof, hectic busy lives can sometimes make it impossible to keep on top of tidying. There are many benefits that come from having a tidy living space that include reducing stress levels of those inhabiting the home. Suitable storage is a key player when it comes to maintaining a stress free, clean home. If you are a parent or just have a large amount of belongings, invest in storage for everyone in the home to ensure that your home feels refreshed and squeaky clean.


If you are on a budget and don’t want to splash out on new furniture or linen for your home, a completely free way to refresh your home is to rearrange what you already own. Move your furniture around if you can, pillows, plants, any accessories. This instantly refreshes your home and it takes little effort and time!

Up Cycle

Another cheap way to refresh your home is to up-cycle furniture you already own. There are plenty of up-cycling DIY tutorials online, get creative and jazz things up! Perhaps painting chairs or doors a different colour or renovating a chest of drawers that isn’t being used into an indoor bench, not only does it refresh the home but it creates more seating space for guests and utilises all furniture in the home.

Switch Up Lampshades

Between seasons of winter and summer, something as simple as lampshades can reflect the hot days and the cold days. A classic white or cream coloured shade is perfect for a refreshed look to your decor and in winter you can bring out the darker shades to embody a ‘cosier’ feel to your home.

Introduce Patterns

Create more dimension to your interior by adding and mixing different textures and patterns on furniture and accessories. The Newton Sideboard is a perfect piece to add personality to a room, handmade from eco-friendly mango wood, this piece will certainly add interest and depth to any home. Get creative and don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Wall Art

From a soothing canvas of your favourite landscape to a custom map or poster, express your own individual style with wall art of your choice. Able to add some much needed colour and charm to the room, make your house your home and with wall decor of your choice, you can express your interests and travels to guests. 


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